Wine Tasting Package


Our Wine Tasting Package consists of six 1oz samples for $12.

You are given a Logo Wine Glass, Wine List, Pallet Cleansing Crackers, Pen, and 6 Tasting Chips.

Take your time and choose your selections from our variety of over 30 wines.

When you decide on a wine, come to the counter and drop a Tasting Chip into the bucket and we will pour you your selection.

If 6 samples are not enough, additional 1oz pours are just $1.50

When you are done keep the Logo Glass, Pen, and Wine List.

If you come back again bring your Logo Glass and get your next tasting for just $8!

Hope to see you soon for a Wine Tasting.

Note: Ice Wines are 1/2oz samples due to the extra cost to produce them.