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Sahara Ridge | A dry red blend of Frontenac and Marquette grapes aged with French Oak


Stone Ridge | A full body dry red blend with American Oak Heavy Blend


Pearl Ridge | A dry red with low acidity made from petite pearl grapes 


Jalapeno Sizzle | A dry red from Frontenac grapes with charred American Oak and Jalapenos


Barrel Ridge | Our Red Ridge with St. Croix added and aged in a Bourbon Barrel ​

Desert Ridge | A dry blend of Frontenac and Marquette grapes with a French Oak Rhone blend

Marquette Ridge | A dry red with French oak Burgundy Blend. 


Crimson Pearl | Soft, dense red with notes of dried cherry and blackberry.  Made from the Crimson Pearl Grape. Dark Purple Color.

Red Ridge | A medium red blend of Frontenac and Marquette grapes​

Moon Ridge | Complex semi-sweet blend of 7 grape varietals and blackberry wine

Rosé Ridge | A semi-sweet wine made from Frontenac Gris grapes


Canyon Ridge | Frontenac wine


Mountain Ridge | A sweet wine with a variety of red grapes


Sweet Blush | A blend of Golden Muscat and three Minnesota red grapes


varied %abv

Knight Ridge | King of the North Red Grapes


Winter Ridge |​​ Frontenac Gris White Grapes

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Wine Tasting $12
(6) 1 ounce samples lo​go glass included
 Grape/Fruit Glass $7
Specialty Glass $12
Ice Glass $19

16oz Glass Tap $7
Uncommon Loon Brewing Company
(see 24oz can selection)

Thunder Brothers Brewery
(see 16oz can selection)

*Inventory changes often, contact for availability of specific wines*



Blackberry | Rich, Dark, and Sweet


Black Ridge | Blackberries and Apple, with Marquette grapes


Autumn Ridge |  Apple, Plum, Choke Cherry,

Cranberry, and our Red Ridge

Cranberry | Bold, sweet, & tart Cranberry wine


Plum | A sweet plum with a lot of flavor


Rhubarb | A sweet Rhubarb wine​​

Razzle Dazzle | Apple and Raspberry with

Marquette grapes


Raspberry | All the sweet without the tart


Blueberry | 100% Blueberry wine, like fresh Blueberries in your glass


varied %abv   

Cherry Bomb Reserve​ | Cherry Bomb with American Oak

​​Squirrelly Surely | A mulberry wine with Hennessy Cognac

Sea Ridge | Marquette with Heavy American Oak with a chocolate and sea salt caramel taste with Korbel Brandy



Itasca | A dry white wine with notes of pear, melon, and peach.  Aged with untoasted French oak

White Ridge | A dry white wine from four

Minnesota grapes

Polar Ridge |  Semi-dry white from Brianna grapes​​

Prairie Ridge | Semi-dry white with lower acidity from Prairie Star grapes

LaCrescent Ridge |

Semi-dry white from LaCresent grapes

Edelweiss Ridge |

A semi-sweet white from Edelweiss grapes with a floral citrus flavor


Snow Ridge | A sweet blend of five cold climate white grapes

Sun Ridge | A sweet white, Moscato and Riesling with five Minnesota whites


Brianna Ridge | A sweet white with pineapple tones made from Brianna grapes.  Our #1 selling White Wine



​​Mad Jack | Sweet Apple wine with Caramel and Brandy


Raspberry Explosion | A blend of Raspberries with our Red Ridge and Brandy

​Cherry Bomb | Choke Cherry, Cherry, and Brandy with a hint of coffee


Aronia Berry | Aronia Berry with a kick​​

Blue Ridge | 6 red varietals, Blackberry, Blueberry, Elderberry, and Brandy


Meadow Ridge | A blend of our White Ridge, Peach, and Mango

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