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Listed from dry to sweet

Sahara Ridge | A dry blend of Marquette and Frontenac grapes aged with french oak

Stone Ridge | A dry red blend of Frontenac, Sabrevois, and Marquette wines

Jalapeno Sizzle | Dry Frontenac wine, oaked and aged with diced jalapeno peppers

Barrel Ridge | A dry blend of Sabrevois, Marquette, and Frontenac grapes aged in bourbon Barrels. Full body and smoky aroma 

Marquette Ridge | Medium bodied dry,  Marquette Grape wine. Strong flavors of black currant, tobacco, and blackberry 

Crimson Pearl | A smooth Crimson Pearl grape wine. Unsweetened with aromas of dried cherry, black pepper, and almond

Red Ridge | A semi-sweet blend of Marquette, Frontenac, and Sabrevois wines. Smooth full body flavors and a deep red color 

Moon Ridge | A semi-sweet blend of seven grape varieties from cold and warm climate regions with a splash of blackberry wine  


Canyon Ridge | Made with sweet Frontenac grapes featuring bold flavor profile and fruity aromas 

Rose Ridge | A light and sweet Frontenac Gris grape wine with light floral aromas 

Sweet Blush | A sweet blend of concord and Osceola Muscat grape wines. Light, bright, and refreshing


varied %abv   

Cherry Bomb Reserve | A very sweet small batch cherry wine aged with American oak and fortified with brandy

Sea Ridge | A very sweet Marquette grape wine fortified with brandy and sweetened with brown sugar. Notes of chocolate and caramel 

Squirrelly Surely | A very sweet mulberry wine fortified with cognac



Wine Tasting $12
(6) 1 ounce sample
s lo​go gl
ass included
 Grape/Fruit Glass $7
Specialty Glass $12
Ice Glass $19

16oz Glass Tap $7
Uncommon Lo
on Brewing Company
(see 24oz can selection)

Thunder Brothers Brewery
(see 16oz can selection)

*Inventory changes often, contact for availability of specific wines*



Autumn Ridge | A sweet blend of cranberry, plum, cherry, and apple fruit wines. Made with Marquette, Frontenac, and Sabrevois grape wines. Bold fruity flavor

Blackberry | Made of 100% blackberry juice. Fruity aromas and the sweet flavor of fresh blackberries

Black Ridge | A sweet 50/50 blend of blackberry and apple wines. Featuring sweet flavors of blackberry with a tart apple finish

Blueberry | A dark sweet blueberry wine. Tastes like a handful of berries

Castle Ridge | A bright, sweet, 50/50 blend of cranberry and apple wines

Cranberry | Made of 100% fermented cranberries. Sweet flavor profile followed by a light tart dry taste to finish

Pear | A sweet fruit wine with the delicate flavors of fresh pears

Plum | Lightly sweetened to provide all the aromas, initial sweetness, and the tartness of plum musk on the end

Raspberry | Sweet with all the fruity aromas and flavors of a hand full of fresh raspberries

Razzle Dazzle | A sweet 50/50 blend of raspberry and apple wines. Strong sweet raspberry on the front followed by the bright, crisp apple finish



Listed from dry to sweet

Itasca | Dry with notes of peach, pear, and melon

White Ridge | A dry blend of five cold climate grape varieties featuring bold crisp flavors of pear and apple

Polar Ridge | A dry brianna grape wine, unsweetened, light fruity pineapple flavor  

Prairie Ridge | Semi dry with complex notes of peaches, grapefruits, and the bright aromas of grassy fields filled with flowers

La Crescent | A bold, semi-dry La Crescent grape wine 

Edelweiss | A mild semi-sweet Edelweiss grape wine with light floral notes

Sun Ridge | A sweet blend of five cold climate grape varieties. Light and Bright flavor notes of apple, plum, and peaches

Brianna Ridge | A sweet Brianna grape wine. Strong and sweet notes of pineapple and melon



Blue Ridge | A very sweet blend of blueberry and elderberry wines fortified with grape brandy  

Cherry Bomb | A very sweet blend of cherry wine and a touch of shiraz, with some brandy for good measure

Mad Jack | A  very sweet apple wine fortified with brandy. Aromas and flavors of caramel covered Granny Smith apples 

Raspberry Explosion |  Very sweet raspberry wine fortified with brandy


varied %abv     

Knight Ridge | A very sweet unblended king of the northern grape wines. Harvested at 20 degrees and pressed while frozen to concentrate sugars– resulting in an ultra smooth bold flavor and an ABV of 14.5%

Winter Ridge A very sweet Frontenac Gris grape wine. Smooth clean taste with a 19.8% ABV 

Wine Tasting
Friday: 12pm - 8pm
Saturday: 12pm - 8pm
Sunday: 12pm - 6pm


Bottle Sales
Monday - Saturday: 12p8pm 
Sunday: 12pm - 6pm

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